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Hey!  I’m Michael McManus, co-founder of M2 Photo and I make interactive chalkboard portraits.  What’s a chalkboard portrait?  It’s where photography meets drawing.

In January 2015 I was with my daughters at a church where they took piano lessons.  While one was taking their lesson, I’d hang with the other in a classroom.  One day, I decided to do a quick drawing on the chalkboard and take a picture of my one daughter in front if it.  From that point on, each week I’d make a drawing.

Eventually, we created a small chalkboard wall in our kitchen.  Then my wonderful wife gave me a big wall to play with.  This changed my drawings because it gave me more than 45 minutes to do a drawing and allowed me to work on a drawing for as long as I want.  Some drawings take as little as a few hours and some up to 100+.

If you’re interested in collaborating or commission a drawing please contact me.  And follow me on Instagram!

Oh and this portrait of me?  Taken by my daughter when she was 8.  She’s rad.

Want to commission a piece or have a great idea for a drawing? Let's talk.